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Hey guys, Chukles here. Saw this from a few servers and thought it might be neat to start. Highest DPS on the operations dumbie.

~At least a 6 minute parse.
~Must be either on a ship Operations Dumby or the Operations dumbie from the fleet.
~You can use all 4 class buffs, adrenals, and stims.
~Cannnot however use external buffs ex. (inspiration from another source other than yours, armor debuff from another source)
~Link from TORparse (you may trim the time in the parse to see where you did the most, just make sure it's at least 6 minutes)
~Last but not least, have fun!

(Top 15 Parses will be on this list, if you dont mind list your spec as well!)


1) Chukles (1903 DPS)
Spec: 7/3/31 Balance
This guy used to so this all the time when we were on Empress Tita. It's just an ego thing. Who cares? What comes next bullying people because they don't have as high dps or great gear?