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Quote: Originally Posted by thasensei View Post
Low DPS was what we suspected, but it's nice to get the confirmation. Like I said, I mostly wanted to make sure it wasn't some mechanic or something that we were just overlooking.

Thank you all for the input!
Another advice: if your dps starts to get where it should be you should get the "burn" phase very soon after the 3rd pool, so you shouldn't really have to worry about the 4th one because it likely means you're not going to break through the burn phase anyway.

That said, the pools are timed in a way that once the third pool spawns the boss will be back in his initial tanking position.
What we usually do is have rdps on the first 2 pools and on the third we have one melee dps stand on the flower near the boss. If the pool spawns there he takes it and keeps dpsing the boss, while ranged do area damage (that will hit, mostly, the boss as well). Otherwise have a healer stand in the pool like normal.

Also, we have the mdps ALWAYS on the boss, cept maybe a second or two to finish burning the male, but our tanks usually have it killed (or almost so) by themselves by the time the adds are dead.
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