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I have no problems with the system. It can be done It has been done. You realy want it easy to have the best epic recp in game whats the point then if every one can do it...
You are confusing two things: frequency and difficulty.

Making crafting a purely RNG exercise and setting the probability of success exceedingly low makes things improbable, not challenging. In fact, it makes things improbable for you, not for the community. The brute-force statistics of probability spread across hundreds of thousands of accounts with multiple characters per account times the number of crew missions or crafts they do per day means that NOTHING is rare within the community.

I've said this before; apparently, I still need to say it. There is nothing HARD about probability. There is also nothing EASY about probability. In a system based on randomization, there is simply the frequent and infrequent, the more likely or less likely. Making "success" something that is improbable for an individual does very little to make it rare for the community, and has absolutely no bearing on whether that success was easy or difficult to achieve.

I would more than welcome a system with schematics that were hard to get. That would mean I would have to display some level of skill and that if I was more skillful than others, my skills would be in greater demand. It would mean that people who had no idea what they were doing would not be able to get the same schematics that I have and it would stop them from undercutting my prices because they have no sense of the value of something. When RNG rules a system, "value" is meaningless.

The only crafted items that require any type of skill are the end-game item mods you get from high-end operations. What type of skill does it take to get these? Combat skill. If you have a group of people who can beat the bosses and get the drops on a regular basis, again it's a matter of brute-force probability. Do it often enough, and it won't be rare. Or have you not noticed the spamming on fleet saying, essentially, "I'll craft you an end-game mod for free as long as you give me your mats." I don't even see people asking for tips half the time.

In other words, the crafted items of greatest value have a profit margin of 0. People now expect to get them "at cost". Don't try to suggest that "supply and demand" works in virtual economies like that in SWTOR when compared to real-world economies. I will believe that the day you can walk into Tiffany's with some gold ore and some lumps of coal and say, "Make me one of those rings, please, and I don't expect to have to pay you anything because I'm providing the raw materials." It wouldn't even happen if you had 24 carat gold and the Hope diamond for a jewel.

Now, are the people crafting these rarely-acquired items doing so because they are more skillful crafters, or because they have a set of friends that are more skilled in combat? Yes, not everyone can "do it", but there are still enough crafters with no sense of the value of what they can craft -- because it took no measure of crafting skill to achieve it -- that the results are essentially the same ... it doesn't take "everybody" having the schematic to make it worthless, it only takes "enough". Your argument has zero validity.

Calling the system we have Crew "Skills" is a convenient fiction for BW/EA. There is no skill to it at all.
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