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More HP isn't bad. But it is arguably worse than more mitigation no mater how small that mitigation amount is (barring shadows who can eventually get more mitigation through self heals via HP than straight mitigation). In most cases you are probably better off stacking more in some kind of threat stat than HP if your already at severe diminishing returns for all your mitigation stats.

Now that is only relevant when being healed however. For times when you solo (dailies etc, with a DPS companion for speed) there is a point by which you will get more survival time from HP than from mitigation. So long as you are being healed though the more mitigation you have the less pressed the healers will be so long as you have enough HP to survive until heals come in.

In other words, how often have you actually dipped below 6K HP in a fight? Those are the only times those extra HP meant anything.
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