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What's my statsbudget at any given point in the game? From the outside it just looks like a bunch of random lines with the numbers added up on the side..
Your stat budget is equal to the sum of all of your secondary stat ratings, which means it can very pretty heavily depending on the types of mods and enhancements you choose to use. At the moment, if you're using 2 passive relics and full mitigation mods and enhancements with 27 grade gear, you'll pop right a bit over an 1800 stat budget. With 2 non-passive relics, it's manage just ahead of a 1600 stat budget.

These numbers can actually be useful if you're looking into how to tweak your stats for better survivability. When someone says "I have XX% abs, XX% shield, and XX% defense; how can I tweak those to be more appropriate?" you can simply ask what their ratings are, inform them of their stat budget, and tell them how to retweak their numbers to a more appropriate ratio. Shield will almost always be a bit higher than what is listed in the optimal stat budget (since Shield doesn't compete with anything else in the stat budget

So NO, it's not comprehensible or useful in ANY way.. And you writing "yes it is", doesn't make it so..
It's incomprehensible to you because you don't know what you're looking at. If you did, it would be perfectly comprehensible. Sure, it's not formatted perfectly, but it's more than enough to get the point across. Just because *you* have no clue what it means, does not equate to information being incomprehensible or useful since, to someone that *does*, it's entirely comprehensible *and* useful. I was simply telling you *how* to use it and *how* to read it for the relevant information so that you could remedy your incomprehension. Apparently you're not interested in that and more interested in just criticizing him for forgivably bad formatting (he's drawing info from Excel or Googledocs and that's notoriously difficult to put into a forum friendly format without a lot of extra work).
Walls of Text? I *love* Walls of Text!
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