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@Finelinebob, I'm sorry but there is no word of any radical changes to the crafting system an I do not foresee any in the future. You said that the only choice one has is to not craft. I disagree. An additional alternative is to modify your mindset. You can accept the system as it is and do the best with what you have.
Or, you can try pointing out how bad the system is in a polite and courteous manner. Been there, done that.

Or, you can try your best to shame the developers into seeing how awful their system is and provide statistics and logic to back up the shaming ... which is what I try these days. Maybe if more people told BW how pathetically their system WORKS, rather than wrongfully cry that it is broken, maybe they'll listen.

But as you said, there has never been any hint at a true improvement to the crafting system. The best they've been able to manage is the Legacy of Crafting Character Perk which, for the price of 350k credits per character or (guessing here) 300 Cartel Coins, you can increase your companion's chances of getting an augment slot on a piece of crafted gear by 3%. That means that, at best, you can increase your chance on a Premium item from a least-dismal 30% to a slightly less dismal chance of 33% (given the item is rated relatively low to your skill level, that you use a companion with a +5% crafting crit, and that your affection with that companion is 10k). Maybe you'll remember what else they launched at the exact same time: augmentation kits. In other words, a 100% chance to get an augmentation slot.

I think anyone who got suckered into buying the Legacy of Crafting should get a refund.

Really, BioWare, is that the best you can do?

I don't do all this screaming because I like to hear/read myself screaming or because I hate SWTOR/BW/EA, I do it because I love this game and I have loved crafting in other games (SWG, EVE, Vanguard, Tabula Rasa to name a few) and I would like to have my cake and eat it too, since supposedly I am paying for it. Or, maybe the crafting developer team got fired ... in which case, yes, I do hate EA.
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