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12.06.2012 , 04:49 PM | #22
I understand what you are saying, but as you put it, it is optimal for my class and content. Even on the curve of DR you are better off having a larger pool as opposed to the minimal dmg reduction from stacking more and more defensive stats.

I am not saying i stack mainly HP, i mean with full 63 mods and set bonuses, i was able to find a very viable set up
15% def, 55% sheild/absorb, and 54 dmg reduction. while kicking 31k hps.

the math does not support the minimal survivability from gaining 5% more in each defensive stat, all while loosing 6k hps? 6k hps is enough to save a raid have a mistake during trash pulls or drop an extra AoE heal on the raid during bosses.

Classes were not mean to be fully optimized, its impossible (if it were possible gunslingers would tank) My point is that you seem very biased and strong willed for all tanks to stack as much mitigation stats as possible.... because your class as a shadow requires it. That is just not true, only my opinion of coruse and i mean no disrespect.

i just feel there is a bad rumor about HP augs concerning tanks, has there every been a game in MMO history that HP was "bad" for a tank? Granted im saying to stack hp after your core defensive stats. So kids of all ages, feel free to stack hp augs and still be a viable contender as a tank!

Shadows can have higher hps than vanguards, but they do not because their dmg is far too drmatic when they take it, my buddy reauged after a raid once and shot up to 34kish. that build did not however work for his class.