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I think everyone is missing Finelinebob's point...

There is no skill involved in crew SKILLS. It is 100% luck of the draw. That is what he is griping about.

And I have to be honest, On one level I agree with him. RNG for EVERY crafted item is not a good system. There should be some way for the player to influence the results.

On the other hand, I lived through the WoW Burning Crusade Alchemy flask recipe discovery system where players would craft thousands of elixirs to try to get any flask recipe only to fail. My opinion at the time was that of defending it because it "encouraged trade"; I have a flask recipe you do not have but you want flasks, you have a flask recipe I do not have but I want flasks...let's trade (more simply, I sell what flasks I can make so I can buy what flasks I want). Further, elixirs were nearly equal in quality to flasks with regard to stat buffs. The only difference was that flasks survive death. So, I was of the opinion that flask recipes were a bonus not the desired goal. I simply went about my business of crafting elixirs and if I got a flask recipe....Yippy for me!!!

The system and my mentality radically changed with Wrath of the Lich King - flasks were greatly superior to elixirs, but the recipes were trained. The discovery system was relegated to other aspects of alchemy and the chance of discovery was radically increased.

So, I am used to this RNG type of system. Because of this, I play the SWTOR crafting system with the mindset of, "craft 10 of some blue quality item, RE all but one. If I manage to get ANY purple quality schematics...Yippy for me!!! If I don't then I send the last blue quality (that usually has an augment slot) to the alt I crafted it for."

@Finelinebob, I'm sorry but there is no word of any radical changes to the crafting system an I do not foresee any in the future. You said that the only choice one has is to not craft. I disagree. An additional alternative is to modify your mindset. You can accept the system as it is and do the best with what you have.