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I was reading over the lore of the sith emperor and read how he had to do a whole ritual to absorb the strength of sith lords to make himself the all powerful sith emperor we know of in the game, But isn't this just the same thing Darth Nihilus did but without the whole ritual?

Couldn't Nihilus had just cruised around space in the ravager eating Jedi faces and become the most powerful thing to exist? making the skywalkers look like ants before him?

EDIT: omg totally derped the title...
He was very powerful and deserves to be at least in the top 5 most powerful Sith. He had mastered an ancient Sith technique which allowed the user to literally devour the Force, and by extension, Force users. So yes, he could have consuming the entire galaxy if he was not stopped - whether he would grow exponentially more powerful I can not say. He's like a black hole, he doesn't just consume the Force but destroys it, so I suspect it would only sustain him and not empower him. That I believe is the one drawback, he has become shackled by his hunger and therefore could never attain the sort of power and mastery over the dark side that Vitiate and other great Sith lords achieved. But he could destroy them.

And guess what, guess what... it just so happens I wrote a short FanFiction a while ago on an alternate ending to KOTOR II - in which Nihilus lives and discovers the Emperor in the Unknown Regions. Go on, the links in my sig, give it a read. Do it.