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This sounds as if the OP is playing PVP and hasn't necessarily played every AC in the game. The impression I am getting is that you prefer a certain style of play (up close and personal) and that Sage/Sorc just doesn't do it for you; alternatively, you have no idea how to kite enemies. If you are getting interrupted in PVP move to a point where it won't happen, do not "face tank" as a ranged class. Stay at range. One of the most prevalent and annoying classes in PVP now is the Sage/Sorc healing trance and exploding bubble hybrid.

Ranged classes are squishy because they are not supposed to be taking damage. Each AC has methods to mitigate some damage, but if you are a ranged class you still will not be able to sit there and take it. By the way, ranged means that the majority of your attacks are 10-30 meter attacks. Every ranged class has a knockback to give themselves some space to stay at range. If you are not using a class correctly you will of course have issues with it. Guardians/Juggs, Vanguards/Powertechs, Shadows/Assassins, and Sentinels/Marauders are not ranged; everything they do aside from openers and maybe one other attack are melee distance or under 10 meters. Sage/Sorc, Commando/Merceneary, and Gunslinger/Sniper are all more comfortable at ranged; their skill trees are set to prevent enemies from reaching melee range. The only exception to the rule in SWTOR is the Scoundrel/Operative, they can heal, play at range with the area tree that is common to them and Gunslingers/Snipers, or fight from stealth in melee range; even then they are bad at taking damage unless the player really knows how to use their cooldowns or specs into a hybrid that uses emergency med pac.