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I still don't understand the use of the term 'gamebreaking' in this thread.

In my interpretation, gamebreaking refers to practices that makes some part of the game either unplayable or so unenjoyable that no one participates. That's clearly not the case here.
I am glad you asked, this is why I call this gamebreaking.

Gamebreaking to me is anything that wants you stop playing, either part of the game or the whole game. It is something where you feel it is either hopeless or you simply lose interest to continue what you are doing.

It is no secret that gear is important in this game, as it is in any other MMO. It is a ladder to climb, first you get the basic gear then the advanced and finally expert gear. But the ride to get to the top is long and hard, it is where many quit playing. Then we add what I and many other players say in this thread and others on this forum where problems occur, in this case regarding heroic flashpoints.

If you read this thread you will find out that many players, including myself ofcourse has found gameplay rather frustrating regarding bosskilling in heroic flashpoints. May it be someone that needs gear and bluntly gets insulted, ignored and left alone in a instance or someone that simply wants to enjoy the challenges of the different bosses, especially since many of the bosses contain gamemecanics useful to know for furter harder raiding.

My point is this: I call it gamebreaking because it might be a factor for either quitting the game or simply refusing to use groupfinder to play the game as it is intended to be. Some might agree, some might not but reading through several posts here and on other topics on this forum the "fast run" flashpoints does create frustration amongs players. That includes both those that assumes that the flashpoint is nothing more then a token grinding farm, and those that needs gear and wants to enjoy the content.

Have I made myself clear why I call it gamebreaking?
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