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Good evening one and all, Alliance-Templars are proud to bring you:

The Red Eclipse Server Wide Spectacular !
Promo Video:
Full Details @

Originally June 20th on Hydian way, the event was a great success so we decided to share it with our new server mates on the RED ECLIPSE

Events include:
  • Ugliest Avatar
  • Sexiest Avatar
  • Starwars Quiz
  • Speeder Race
  • Treasure Hunt
  • PVP Ladder
  • Guild V Guild PVP

More Details will follow very soon ! Spread the word !


Invited/confirmed 13/12/12:

Czech Alliance
Knights Ascendant
It's A Trap
Bound By Honor
The Bondook Saints
The Wookies
the Jedi Acadmy
The Guardiands of ..
Ashes of the Order
Kepers of the Light
Pantheon of Frost..
Kindred Spirits
Romainian Spirits
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