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I would say that sounds about right, I really don't see many tanks.

Either way, if you're trying to save Imperial PVP, I wish you luck. I have a 61 valor sorc and a 65 valor sage and the sage had 160 wins at 61 valor and the sorc had 40. I just think that as a whole, Pubs are better geared and more organized compared to Imps. .
Quite honestly part of why I am considering this is because of the 'How bad are Imps on this Server' thread. Also my own guild is having some PVP related issues.

I have no delusions of saving IMP PvP.... I know how bad it is, I live the dream every day. I log onto my Rep toons and usually finish dailies in no time, then I grind through weeklies on Impside, and plead with people to play as a team.

One thing I said in that other thread was I believe one day soon this will be a reverse Kaas City where Reps will just end up playing themselves in ranked. IE. It is in their best interest that Imps put some form of competition up. If the rep guild just keep soaking up the exodus talent, then the problem gets worse.

I am trying to not defect (yes I have rep toons but I made them when Imp ruled and I was bored of easy matches).

Other guildmates of mine have recently echoed very similar thoughts.

Right now I am usually stuck DPSing on my Powertech whenever we do ranked. My first love was my Merc which blows chunks comparatively speaking.

Can I be easily replaced as burst DPS? Heck yea. Do we have more than 1 healer on a time for PVP? Nope. I counted 4 matches (solo queue) where I never saw an imp healer. People get mad, but no one wants to roll a healer (or tank for that matter).

Sorry, I'm ranting at this point.
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