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I think the main problem is your dps. If you are doing everything fine, enrage shouldn't be a problem. Additional adds will appear at around 15 -8 % depending on your dps, but if you ignore them and nuke like it should be, boss should go down.

1000 dps is not enough for terror from beyond hard mode. I would even say, that with this dps (lets say if your dpsers are doing 4k dps together) you would have problems with beating enrage timers on bosses in Explosive Conflict hard mode.

Advisable MINIMAL dps (from my experience) is no less than 1,2 k, but even this can be, and WILL BE too low on further bosses (maybe you would be able to kill them, but it would be close one).

So basically gear up, itemize your gear well and you should see the difference with dps.
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