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There are Rakata ear pieces/implants, as well as some good relics. Let the first bosses drop it.
No... The loot table is fine just the way it is.

Lets take a look at the drops from every single boss in the other FP's and compare them with the drops with LI

  • Columi Bracers
  • Tionese Belt & Ear
  • Energized Legs

Battle of Ilum:
  • Columi Offhand
  • Tionese Bracers & Ear
  • Energized Helmet

Maelstrom Prison:
  • Columi boots
  • Tionese belt
  • Energized gloves

Directive 7:
  • Columi Pants
  • Tionese Bracers
  • Energized chest
  • Relic (124 rating)

Taral V summary:
  • Columi Hands
  • Tionese implant
  • Energized boots
  • Relic (124 rating)

False emperor
  • Columi Chest
  • Tionese Gloves, Offhand, and Implant

Kaon Under Siege:
  • Columi headgear
  • Tionese mainhand, ranged offhand
  • Xenotech gloves & waist

Now lets look at Lost island:
  • Rakata Chest
  • Columi boots, Pants, Mainhand
  • Relic (126 rating)

No where did i see lost island droping a single peice of Tionese but only Columi or the Rakata chest. No where did i see the normal HM's drop a Rakata peice. Regular HM's only drop columi off the last boss compared to Lost islands every boss except for the last which drops the Rakata chest.

From a flashpoint viewpoint - Lost Island already drops beter gear than all the other HM FP's. Lost island is not an operation, its a Tier2 flashpoint which means it will be significantly harder than the tier 1's. With a cordinated team, this flashpoint is easy to finish. If you are having trouble with it, master SM Lost Island and then come back to HM when you feel confident.
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