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small number of users
That would be virtually everyone running 32-bit Windows, who all have a maximum 3.5 gigs of combined RAM and VRAM regardless of what they have in their machine, as well as some people running 64-bit Windows. I suppose if they don't consider 32-bit users as real users, then it really is a small number of users. It might be accurate to say that "...a small number of [64-bit] users [are] experiencing an increase in memory related crashes."

Or, maybe there aren't that many 32-bit users relative to 64-bit users playing the game. I guess that's possible, but I find that doubtful. If true, then almost everyone playing SWTOR is running 64-bit Windows, which I find unlikely.

I guess it's also possible that they simply aren't aware of how many people this issue is affecting, especially since many might simply have cancelled their subscriptions without a word.