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12.06.2012 , 02:22 PM | #1
HI all, i'm new to the scene and i have a few questions to which i hope some xperienced players can answer. I have a general idea what path i'm supposed to take playing a sith assassin tank but i wouldn't mind some advice.

First of all, these are my stats so far:

Are they good for a lvl 31 tank? I noticed some lower level sith assassins take less damage than me and i was wondering what i did wrong...

And here are some of my more important questions:
1. Is there any point in getting critical chance on tank?

2. Should i focus more on defense chance or on shield absorption?

3. What is my role, as a tank, in warzones? I found that i do no damage since all my gear has endurance higher than will. Should i even try to do damage or should i just focus on taunting, interrupting abilities and shielding people? Who should i use guard on, healers or squishy damage dealers?

That's all i can think of to ask right now. Any advice is welcome.

P.S. Did you guys notice Guard doesn't work? It doesn't send any damage your way.