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12.06.2012 , 02:21 PM | #1039
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This has nothing to do with buying multiple packs/sets of Cartel Coins. I bought one pack (5500 coins = $39.99 USD) the first day this feature was released, and 0 since then, until about 5 days ago. At that time, I tried to buy one more pack (5500 coins = $39.99 USD) and I get the same error that everyone else does. My card is obviously fine, because I bought something else online this very morning, and have been making purchases using the same card in between these dates. I will not call customer service and wait apparently hours just to give my credit card information to some random person over the phone. If my subscription drops because of this, I am done. Fix it soon. Please.
I just bought one pack of 5500 coins two weeks ago, then tried to buy two of them a week ago but got the error when I tried to complete the order for the second one. So you're right.

I was able to buy the second one through paypal using a different card, though, but now I can't buy CC with my own credit card until this problem is resolved....