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This whole topic leads me to realize Imps also need more true tanks. We are down to one in guild, and I've only seen one other PVP Jugg tank that I can think of..... That's another task no one seems to want here, and I'm guilty of that as well since I have a jugg I never really play anymore.
I would say that sounds about right, I really don't see many tanks.

In regards to your healer comment though, I would say that any healing class has it's own advantages and disadvantages. I mainly play Sage/Sorc Healer and the main problem is that if you get focus're dying FAST if you don't run away. Ops/Mercs seem to have a little longer survivability when getting focus fired compared to Inquistors...but Inq's have abilities to escape quicker than other classes. Ops/mercs are also better at "heal while on the move", compared to inq's who have 1 HOT, a self heal and a bubble they can cast moving. The nice part is with Op/Merc if you go DPS spec you have more survivability...Sorcs whether they are heal or DPS still die very fast if they get focus fired, so I tend to be moving around a whole lot more.

Either way, if you're trying to save Imperial PVP, I wish you luck. I have a 61 valor sorc and a 65 valor sage and the sage had 160 wins at 61 valor and the sorc had 40. I just think that as a whole, Pubs are better geared and more organized compared to Imps. Whenever I'm on my Imp...whether i'm healing or DPS'ing, i just don't see nearly as much team work as the Pubs have. I see them all spread out and not working together or communicating nearly as much as Pubs do. However, get in a group with 3 other great PVP'ers on the Imp side and you can win...assuming you don't get 4 other people with 14k health (I've seen it).

In the end, just choose a class that looks fun for you to play in PVP. That's very important because if you're rolling'll be losing a lot and it's important you have fun doing it.