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I have hk51 as a legacy unlock on my level 30 something smuggler wyattearpp on the harbinger. I had read of the companion gear not giving the right stats. The work around was to take a the gear off your character and the. Re equip it. Well i tried that with hk51 and now i cant put his gear back on him. Says i now have to be level 50. Help. This makes him useless for leveling now.
You need to equip level 30 gear (or lower). Save the gear he came with for when you hit 50.

It's lame, I know.

You can buy droid parts on the GTN, or from the vendors on:

Coruscant (Specialty Goods and Commendation Equipment Vendors)
Nar Shaddaa & Tatooine (Heavy Armor and Specialty Goods Vendors)
Alderaan (Specialty Goods Vendor)

for higher levels,
Balmorra (Commendation Equipment Vendor)
Belsavis (Commendation Equipment Vendor, Specialty Goods, Heavy Armor Vendors)
Voss (Specialty Goods, Commendation Equipment Vendors)
Corellia (Specialty Goods)

These are moddable (Orange) parts. There may be other parts available at the different vendors.
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