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Ignoring KOTOR IIs lore was most likely intentional. Bioware didn't make KOTOR II and it seems like they go out of their way to avoid acknowledging it. Notice how much more emphasis they put on the first KOTOR which, while it was an amazing game, was not nearly as popular as KOTOR II? They didn't write KOTOR II so they want nothing to do with it. That's it in a nutshell, and it's pathetic.

It isn't just something they should of skimmed over, considering she rebuilt the jedi counsel.

I also agree that the Meetra we got in game doesn't feel like the Exile at all. I don't even remember having the option to act all psuedo mystical ******** in KOTOR II, let alone every line she said. Also they put way too much effort in to basically making her Revan's *****.
I just think it's BS that they didn't want anything to do with KotOR 2 and deliberately left it out of the lore and story telling for TOR simply because they didn't make it, but decided to keep the little bits and pieces that they liked. Examples being Nihilus and "Meetra". Honestly if they were going to ignore it ever happened to the degree that they did, they should have just left the Exile out of it. I am one of the people that believes in the "All or nothing" approach when it comes to lore. Especially since, if you never played KotOR 2 and are coming into TOR fresh after the first KotOR, Meetra just seems like a tacked on character. She even feels that way in the book.