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Yes it can hit 5k. I have hit 5k only once since the big nerf - and it was this week actually, and it wasnt against a sorc. It could not have been against a geared opponent though, ive never hit that hard.
Well I guess that is one of the flaws with the list. There is no critiera on "What is your biggest hit?" Are we talking on geared players? Or just biggest numbers seen in a WZ? And also, is 4.8k close enough to 5k to be considered a "5k attack" (in my book it is)?

I guess I am going to have to bust out my Sage when I get home.... I have no doubt that I will be knocking on the door of the 5k number....
Here is what I will be rolling:

Mostly BiS WH with some BH armorings.
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