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12.06.2012 , 01:12 PM | #1
I seem to have a versioning error making my character unplayable after receiving some black hole comms from a GM (Andy) on a ticket I submitted last week. They granted me the 5 comms, but seemingly broke my login/versioning as well in the process.

I did a group finder TF, received no BH comms, or HK part, and was awarded the BH comms through a GM (no part though...I guess they cant replace those...)

I am unable to get the ticket ID for the old ticket that was closed out as I am at work, and would like this issue to be looked into so I can log in my character again properly.

Character name: Pickens
lvl 50 jedi sage
server: harbinger

her login screen just shows a message saying character versinoing error- please contact customer service, and I cannot log her in game.

please make this character playable again ASAP, i need to get **** done on her.
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