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Thank you for the explaination. This is what I hear from others that say DF/FoB is capable if hitting 5k. Rare but it happens. Of course all of these abilities can have increased damage from sources other than direct player stats (group damage increase from mara/sent, WZ damage buff, player debuffs, etc)
You can potentially push your aoe a little further (10% increase) if you spec balance and 7 points into the heal tree, but you are losing out on force resources in the tele tree, and if you play balance force resources are one of the biggest drawbacks ( you also lose out on 6% dps on mindcrush procs).

Ye its possible other sources could of influenced my dps, but to be honest I was that shocked i hit 5k I did not notice. Too busy looking at my own procs, and avoiding focus fire to notice to be honest.