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Hello everyone, I wonder from where low level characters gets purple/orange/double-colored and others specific color crystals? Is it craftable with Artifice at low levels?

P.S. I don't think it's from GTN.
Through Artifice you can craft red, blue, green and yellow at any level. RGB come from Archaeology while yellow comes from Treasure Hunting. Orange is a color Artifice can begin crafting at high level (like 40+) because those materials begin dropping as Treasure Hunting rewards too.

You can find low-level orange crystals in some drop or reward sabers on Republic side. Original subscribers can also get yellow-black crystals from a vendor on the fleet (basic ones for cheap, more powerful ones at higher cost). There are also some crystals available in the Cartel Market (orange something, orange-black maybe?)

As for other specialty crystals, I believe you're mostly out of luck until higher levels. There is a schematic people can get to craft a Magenta crystal that is Lvl 30ish, otherwise many of the other are high-level rewards that come from PvP or special events. I was able to get a green-black from the Rakghoul event that went on in February or whenever that was, but that's a Lvl 50 crystal too.
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