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Yes it can hit 5k. I have hit 5k only once since the big nerf - and it was this week actually, and it wasnt against a sorc. It could not have been against a geared opponent though, ive never hit that hard. For the record I play full balance (3/7/31), i dont cut back on expertise its 1350 or something (i cant honestly rememner the number), i swap my mods for power and surge, crit sitting at about 31.5%, bonus damage on 920, surge around 78.5% or something like that, i basically have something like 4% alac, its somewhat useless imo. Average fob hits around 4.2k, sometimes it can be 4.8k, but it all depends on the class and gear of the opponent.

Like has been stated previously - you are not hitting 5k on geared opponents, and you are having to push your class to extremes to even approach those sort of numbers on undergeared ones.

Just kind of backs up that they gimped sage dps, compared to the average numbers people are posting in this thread on more forgiving classes and specs. But us sage/sorc have known that for a while. I would much rather have more burst than a stupid bubble that force us into a support role, which is what people prefer for rateds (balance collapses to easy under focus fire). I did the whole bubble stun in rated thing in june (in before someone tells me balance is crap) ye i know its better for survival, but the dps is crap, you may as well hybrid heal.

Dps sages need more love, but push the dps too much and people will scream op (the same classes defending the silly smash bollocks we have now). Smash needs to be brought into line, along with bubble stun, not one or the other - both of these things are making pvp incredibly dull imo.

Sorry to go off topic but this seems pretty obvious to me.

EDIT: The only expertise I swap out is on the saber or off hand (for power), I cant rememeber which one.
Thank you for the explaination. This is what I hear from others that say DF/FoB is capable if hitting 5k. Rare but it happens. Of course all of these abilities can have increased damage from sources other than direct player stats (group damage increase from mara/sent, WZ damage buff, player debuffs, etc)
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