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Could be worse, originally you could get the proc on RE and it would be a schematic you already knew. Then you would of course want the version with an augment slot so you would need to craft a bunch until you got the crit since there were no augment kits.
But (1) you don't get schematics you already have and (2) given the number of REs I did on a wieldable item, I had enough components to craft several augment kits.

Ever wonder why you need 10 aug slot components to craft a single kit? Could it be, in BioWare's simplistic, probabilistic approach to crafting, some developer thought "It takes on average five 20% chance RE tries to get a Prototype schematic, more like eight to get the prefix you want, then at least ten 10% RE tries to get any sort of Artifact schematic and probably more like thirty-five tries to get a schematic you might actually want ... so, if you're lucky, you get 15 components minimum and maybe as much as 40 or so more typically. Yeah, 10 should be enough and then some."
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