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12.06.2012 , 12:31 PM | #121
I leveled my Sorcerer to Valor 60 with the classic 1/12/28 build post-1.2.

Shortly thereafter (about a month ago) I stopped playing PVP.

First of all, Death Field can definitely break 3.5k.
In fact both Thundering Blast and Death Field should be hitting on average 3.5k or more if you have a decent Gear Set Up.

However, Death Field cannot hit for 5k damage without the now-defunct adrenal stacking.

In fact, Sorcerers have absolutely no offensive abilities that hit for 5k.


Would love for someone to prove me wrong and explode the Sorc forums with a new PVP-Guide that not even Daellia could have figured out.

I doubt it though.