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i have a couple of questions regarding crew skills and my class (maudrer sith warrior)

1) if i get rid of a crew skill and add another and later i decide to go back to my original one does it reset? basically i am using the weaving skill, if i decide to do the artifice skill and then go back to weaving will my weaving skill start at 0 again?
It's not quite that bleak ... it resets to 1, not 0.

Quote: Originally Posted by Haltermania View Post
2) i have been reading that the best crew skills to use for my class is treasure hunter, weaving and artiface. i tried doing that but it appeared i couldnt do the artiface because i had the weaving?
You can only have one crafting skill, so whoever wrote what you read was mistaken or you misunderstood. Synthweaving and Artifice are both crafting skills; you can have one or the other. Either one will require you to take Archaeology if you want to harvest your own crafting mats. Treasure Hunting is only good for Artifice (which makes crystals, saber hilts, enhancement item mods, and off-hand shields, generators and foci), for it's advanced crafting mats. If you want to make force user armor or augments with Synthweaving, you'll want Underworld Trading instead.
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