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i have a couple of questions regarding crew skills and my class (maudrer sith warrior)

1) if i get rid of a crew skill and add another and later i decide to go back to my original one does it reset? basically i am using the weaving skill, if i decide to do the artifice skill and then go back to weaving will my weaving skill start at 0 again

If you get rid of a crew skill you start all over again from the beginning

2) i have been reading that the best crew skills to use for my class is treasure hunter, weaving and artiface. i tried doing that but it appeared i couldnt do the artiface because i had the weaving?
You can only use crafting skill at a time. It would need to be Synthweaving or Artifice. If you go Artifie you need Archaeology and Treasure Hunting. Synthweaving uses Archaeology and Underworld Trading. If you're doing it for gear Synthweaving is the best option because you can remain level gear progression wise with your in game level. Just make sure you have the comps to do it. If you're looking for cash it's a waste until you have enough companions to do all the crew skill missions you need. I'd go BioChem or add slicing to one of your other crafting skills.
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