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Well I see a lot of bubble stun, and smashing in rateds. The popularity of something isn't my determining factor personally.

So far I know what a pain it is to kill some Scoundrel healers on our server.... same goes for hybrid Sages.

So the votes for impside rugged healer types is definitely void of Merc. Is there any reason for that? When I did dabble with it on my Merc I found it a little clunky, and I wasn't very good at it. Sorc seemed 'fun', but man I died a lot. Operative seemed like more work? I don't know.... but my original post has my criteria: I have to assume as I train myself, there will be squat for help.

This whole topic leads me to realize Imps also need more true tanks. We are down to one in guild, and I've only seen one other PVP Jugg tank that I can think of..... That's another task no one seems to want here, and I'm guilty of that as well since I have a jugg I never really play anymore.

Anyway thanks for feedback thus far. I appreciate it.
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