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12.06.2012 , 10:57 AM | #166
sorc dmg can be misrepresented by the tally at the end... if left alone a sorc can still do much dmg, alot of it aoe.

but while other top damaging classes like pts, mara's and juggs really dont take a dps drop off when attacked in return... SORCS lose a lot of dps due to having to run for their life...

our dots and instants are very weak, so in order to do dmg we must stand still and eaither channel or cast.. this allows our biggest enemies (jugg mara pt assasin) to close any gap... and at that point we will NOT win a dps war straight on...

there are 1 to 2 solutions,

harder hitting spells to STAND toe to toe with this monster hitting classes, this would come from the lightning tree, lightning strike, chain lightning and thundering blast have a terrible cast to dmg payofff ratio... the skills just arent worth casting if ur being attacked.. ur much better off running and therefor having ZERO dps


front loaded dots, harder hitting instants , this would come form the madness tree. Crushing darkness should be instant for sorcs AC, and wrath should instead make ur next Crush Darkness or Shock do 35% more dmg

a defensive cooldown on 1-2 minute cd wouldnt hurt either...