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12.06.2012 , 10:24 AM | #13
As far as stacking power goes, I have to disagree although I did agree for a long time. When figuring out how I would like to itemize for level 63 mods, I originally was using the overkill augments and stacking as much power as possible. I found a build that with buffs and stims would give me 831.1 bonus damage and 35.61% crit chance. However, to experiment I switched to resolve augments and moved around some mods which resulted in me getting 833.1 bonus healing and 35.74% crit chance. On a dps meter the difference was even larger with a +5.6 bonus damage.

One could argue that this difference is negligible, but in my opinion it proves that although slight, stacking willpower is better.

Another note is that my alacrity might be a little low, but for the sake of force management I prefer it a little under 10%, and would only affect surge unless i augmented for alacrity.

The two builds are posted below
Power Stacking:
Will Power Stacking: