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12.06.2012 , 10:10 AM | #1034
Small update:

I sat on the phone with the Senior Financial Specialist for my branch at the UW Credit Union while trying to make a Cartel Coin purchase. Also, surprisingly, I'm not the first person who uses this bank to call them about the same problem. She sat monitoring her computer while I tried to complete the purchase

Nothing happened. Got the general error other people and myself have gotten, no attempt to access my card was made PERIOD from SWTOR.

150% without a doubt, this is not an issue with our cards/bank. It was confirmed without a doubt there has not been any blockage what so ever on my card or account.

I even purchased the 4.99 digital upgrade successfully, Immediately after trying to make a cartel bundle purchase, this problem is on your side, and has to do only with the Cartel Coin bundles.

Please acknowledge and address this with an actual statement.

The Senior Financial Specialist I work with is more than happy to respond to an email from your billing department.
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