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12.06.2012 , 09:38 AM | #28
My current guild is a shell of its former self (I am the only member logged in during prime time!) and F2P did not bring back any real numbers. I am looking for a new guild with an active member base. I want to see some of the newer content and get back into operations. I have played a few other MMOs, WoW where I was a core raider, quit a little after WoTLK was released, DAoC, EQ and tried a few others.

Terrick - 50 DPS Sorcerer (Madness, and have dabbled in healing)
This is my main with operations experience in HMs up to HM EC Kephiss.
Gear is mostly Rakata or BH MK1 (there is a campaign piece or two in there).

Harjon - 50 DPS Maurader (Carnage)
Alternate, but enjoy playing as well.
Gear is nothing special.

I like what I have read in the OP, sounds like fun and something for everyone! I am interested in applying for membership. I will seek an officer online.
Terrick - Sith Sorcerer

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