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I'm sorry, but it is very transparent in the things you say. Like a fingerprint of someone who has only played on a mediocre level. You can throw all the internet slang at me that you picked up like the rest of the lemmings, and you can overuse the bells and whistles that the forums give you access to.....but it doesn't change a thing.
Guess I just popped your puffy chest, paper champ...... I don't have delusions of grandeur like yourself because a trained monkey press a button and can play this game better than some... The game involves very little in the way of "skill" and "creative" thinking...

But you somehow mistake that this discussion is about skill. It's pretty obvious you refer to these high level players, but you yourself are not one of them. The top players/teams don't really complain about mediocre, easy to counter, specs. The train stomp them... That is why they are top players...

The list that Charter started just proves one thing: There is an abundance of high level attacks for all classes. which was my intital point in saying, "I hope the smash QQ babies look at this"... A point that obviously went WAY over your head... "Get on your level" must mean I need to drop down a few pegs...

The list also proves something about you: Those teams of coordinated derpsmashing warriors are ruining the gameplay in WZs and causing "leet"(me) players to unsub..

Keep on huddling around the camp fire sharing QQ stories about getting curbstomped by those no-skill, talentless, smash monkeys. It's cute...

You are getting curbstomped by monkeys...... How ironic?
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