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Another recruitment thread? Or your new guild home? You decide.

Fights Like a Girl is an Empire side guild on the Ebon Hawk server. We are currently looking for new members to fill out ops groups, chat with, quest with, pvp with and just about anything else.

So why Fights Like a Girl?

Fights Like a Girl is tight knit, we are friends first and players second. You can expect to be greeted kindly, treated with respect and find helpful players willing to go the distance in any way possible. We love Pve content and are excited to add just a few more for ops teams. We have been dabbling and PvP recently and with success comes addiction... We would LOVE to build a ranked team, we just need your help! A few more players interested in those spots and off we go to the exciting world of PVP.

What does Fights Like a Girl expect of me?

We expect friendliness, a good time and no drama! In all seriousness, we don't expect you to play for 10 hours straight- but if you do that's great too. We just expect you to be yourself above all. Everyone is welcome and we want to keep that atmosphere alive.

Still not convinced we are for you? Why not contact one of us in game? We would be happy to chat with you and help you determine if this is a guild you would feel at home in. Feel free to send Kalisia a whisper or a in game mail, I will surely get back to you. Not ready to chat yet? Head over to our website for more info and an application.