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The majority of the top imp healers pvp re-rolled pub or left the game, and unless you are rolling with Gilgamesh dont count on a guard from anyone there doesnt seem to be a large draw to support classes imp side, i pretty much only play Arteriel in pvp if i have GIl on my hip guarding me these days, because you are generally the only healer in the warzone and sitting in the deadbox longer than i should be stinks. I doubt im the only one but having a guy or two beat on you a whole warzone and not drop you is pretty dam fun, best part for me is when they go "screw it" and change targets :P

But Xan is right a good healer that is a pain to kill will totally turn the tide of a reg warzone, i havent healed on other classes but ops have a good amount of cooldowns to get them out of trouble, between stims/medpacks, evade,shield probe,Debilitate,flashbang, sever tendon, and cloaking screen it gives you alot of "outs"
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