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Don't take this the wrong way but I'm hoping for multiple opinions from lvl 50 healers that are playing Ranked PVP. The amount of focus firing that happens in lowbie vs ranked is night and day.

But it is a valid point that I would be pugging a lot in the beginning to get the hang of it. Survivability is definitely one of the biggest issues for an Imp healer in a typical 15K / 100 expertise pug Imp team.
Right now i would say a sorc bubble spec is the best way to go. Op healz are still my favorite i have all 3 classes. But right now with bubble stun being the way it is you cant ignore it. helps stop the smash/sweep a little bit. but that will prob change in 1.6. And yes imp healz have been no existant/really bad lately. Specially if you run into an decent premade you can call it a wrap.
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