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Anakin hadn't completely fallen by Episode III, so he wasn't as affected by the corruption as others. I seriously think that the sulfuric eyes was just for dramatic effect since the whole, "I'm evil now I get yellow eyes for one shot" doesn't work. Especially since after that scene his eyes go back to being brown until he finally yells "I hate you" at Obi-Wan.

We don't know how Revan's face looked after being corrupted by the Dark Side since it was covered by a mask. Going by TOR isn't a good judge of it since at that point he had been redeemed and was walking in both the light and the dark.

Dooku also was not fully submerged into the Dark Side, the corruption had not affected him as badly as it had other Sith.

Exar Kun/Ulic Qel-Droma were created before it became Canon that the yellow eyes were a result of the Dark Side corruption, so of course they didn't turn ugly. At least, I think that they were, if someone can prove me wrong, I'd gladly change this.

Palpatine is debatable since people have been speculating that it wasn't just Mace's work that turned him into a wrinkled old man, but a Force power that hid his true form from others and that the duel with Windu ended up tearing that mask away and revealing his true corruption. When you really think about it, and watch Ep. III, it's kind of quick and convenient that Old Slimy's face and body suddenly turn into an old wrinkly mess without being blackened by the intense heat that being electrocuted should cause, not to mention his clothes remain untouched.

Maul had the yellow eyes, but as with Anakin, wasn't steeped so far into the Dark Side that corruption could have reached him and started to deform him. That takes years of devotion and steeping yourself into it to reach the level that Sidious did.

For Cadeus, Bastila and Talon, see above. A little less so Bastila since I doubt she was even dark enough to gain the yellowed eyes.

Bane. Well, look at the picture and tell me that aint' butt-**** ugly. Dark Side corruption baby, all the way. Zannah was beginning to feel the beginnings of it by the end of her Apprenticeship with Bane, but we never got to see how she ended up looking. Same thing with Cognus, and Millenial, and Rivan. So Zannah could have ended up as withered looking as Zash, who is another candidate for the "Palpatine used a Force technique to hide his appearance" debate.

Also, quoted from the wiki on Dark Side corruption: "Many darksiders experienced a change in the pigmentation of their eyes, as their normal eye color would transform into a luminous, sulfuric yellow. Often the skin would also lose pigmentation, becoming pale and mottled while veins became increasingly visible. The hair would also lose color, making it appear as though the darksider was aging rapidly. The user's voice would also be altered, becoming a few pitches lower and raspier."

Hope this adds fuel to the fire.
Good post but i don't agree with some of those characters you said wernt steeped to far into the darkside to get the effects. Especially Maul who is probably the darkest out of any of them other than palpatine. And as far as Bane he was just butt *** ugly to begin with, But still besides the ugliness he was born with he didn't gain any from the darkside just got the yellow eyes.