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You haven't indicated if you are playing pvp or pve? If pvp the above rotations are just fine, the one placing Rupture after Annihilation is limping, but oh well.

In terms of PVE and I mean trash mobs PVE, which you encounter the most (including gray stars elites) I would recommend more efficient rotation (sorry if I misspell skill names, I am writing from memory and don't pay them much heed):

Force Charge > Deadly Saber in flight > Savage Kick > Smash (or Roar) > Pommel Strike > Battering Assault ... and the rest as above.

The thing is those abilities have very high dmg output without any cost so it's good to keep them on cooldown at all times. That is why slow on rupture is important, as Savage Kick works only on slowed or rooted targets. I think (not sure tho) that they don't apply saber ticks, but regarding trash mobs you won't have time to notice that, as they will die instantly.
Savage Kick and Pommel Strike have long CDs. They're handy to use when available, and on vulnerable targets, but they're not an essential part of any rotation for any spec.

And to your first comment about "limping". Annihilation is ahead of Rupture on the priority list, period. It contributes more to overall DPS, and is thus more important. The point of the priority list is to maximize DPS, and you get more overall damage by using Annihilate to the CD, even at the expense of Pulverize procs or delaying the use of Rupture (you're using 2 Annihilates per Rupture CD anyway, so you still have plenty of chances to proc Pulverize).

This may be counter-intuitive, but parse logs don't lie.