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I was having a conversation with some guildies... and PVPers in general about this. (PVP specific post here.)

We know there are VERY few imp PVP healers, even my guild is short of them. I offered to take up the task of trying this out. After being made fun of for about 20 mins (can't repeat half the coversation!) I said I was serious, and that if necessary I would semi-retire my Powertech. (which kind of does leave a hole to fill.)

But the meat of the question is we know how bad Imp side is at playing as a team. Very few 'true' tanks.... not much guarding. Almost zilch for peeling *caveat here: Unless I'm playing with Gilgamesh.

So what do you guys think is the best healing class for PVP in this kind of situation. The situation where you will be often left to your own devices.... most rep teams focus a lot better too, so there's that. I know it could be a miserable life... I've already been harassed by imps trying to heal as a BH for not taking enough aggro! (long story).

I have a Sorc fairly well geared, a half geared Op, and a Bounty Hunter that I can swap all my powertech gear over to. So it's really pretty open.

What do you guys think is the best choice considering how lopsided things are right now?
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