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12.06.2012 , 06:54 AM | #7
Lots of other people have latency issues recently:

I also get lag spikes. Here is my ... story

Firstly I live in south africa so 160-180msecs is about as good as it gets. Which is fine for me since I'm used to it.

I run swtor.exe.
So using netstat I figure out the what the server ip is (the ip to which swtor.exe is connecting)
then on other screen in cmd.exe window I start a ping to server ip with -t (meaning it keeps on pinging)
The ping is 100% stable at around ~180msecs or there about.
No dropped packets, not latency spikes.

On my main screen swtor then goes through lag spikes.
meaning it goes red. Sometimes it sits at 500-900msecs.
Sometimes it stops responding for several seconds then comes back.
All the time ping is good/solid.

This is defnitely worse when more people are playing but it is intermittent and sometimes happen more or less.

Customer support if you like to work with me for more information, please email me (I suppose you have me email). Or respond to the email I already sent you.