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12.06.2012 , 06:44 AM | #21
The video linked earlier in this thread is mine. We did indeed run with 2 sin tanks, and the kill we had 2 operative healers hence no armour buff for the tanks. On top of that, we weren't splitting off the warriors out of the packs, our sins were popping their immunity and withering/discharging to get initial agro and tanking the entire pack.

We didn't exactly do anything of great finesse, we're very much a group who follows the motto, Keep It Simple, Stupid. One thing we did do was use our sniper ballistic shields (20% damage reduction on the first and 2nd packs. We killed the warriors as fast as we could and we ensured we budgeted our AoE damage to ensure the packs died without wasting potential DPS on overkill. ie, if our powertechs and snipers all lit up orbitals and DFAs on the first pack, it'd die super quick but we'd get left with pack 2 most likely living while the 3rd pack had spawned, bad news.

We'd even go as far as to say sin/shadow tanks have a clear edge here as they do allow our no fuss strategy to be executed.