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12.06.2012 , 06:23 AM | #20
This thread is making me .... cry . My guild and I have yet to kill Kephess in nightmare so I blame you guys for retiring my shadow tank . Nobody hits my tank for 19k (empowered slash ). I am sitting pretty well with 4 configs at 31700hp max hp at the moment with exotech stim and 27 defence. While my preferred config is 30600 HP with 32% defence (transcedence from our sentinels on cd) where the defence is going to 40+ and torparse shows alot of mitigation, the trench cutters aspect of the Kephess fight is worrying me. I am almost BIS 63 with a few bits and pieces missing.

I have all the necessary dreadguard relics, including the healing one, thanks for the tip, my HPS has almost doubled. I will bookmark this thread and share the tactics with my progression group because I know I will be chopped down like a tree. We are using a scoundrel and commando combo for healers with one above 800 bonus healing and the other close to 800. The single heals are nice, 8ks everywhere but if we dont use the right tactic on these cutters they will be dry and we will wipe.

We used to farm denova hard mode with two shadow tanks but after some more research we opted for a new composition involving a guardian and a shadow. This seems to work better for us because we complement the raid well.