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12.06.2012 , 05:31 AM | #1031
Same problem as all of you, both my accounts running off same credit card, and the paypal account using thta credit card. I bought a lot of cartel credits, I paid for a lot of BIOWARE wages.

Now my card is locked. In two weeks ive had no response to any of my tickets.
If this was in New Zealand and this was the customer service to paying customers there would be legal issues with the lack of discussion.

I dont quite understand how they think that a legal document licence means that they have no responsibilities to paying customers.

It makes my blood boil thinking I gave them the money in the first place.
I am stuck with two six month subs, but unable to buy cartel credits, and to be honest angry about it because I signed up for 6 months to play in a system they designed.

Now I am unable to even buy the smallest of perks that in a normal non f2p game I would probably be able to just get somehow in game some other way.

Now I have to pay for content normally I would have received as part of my subscription, but because of your abhorrent customer service I have no ability to even access it.

Do you want our money?

Not one ticket responded to in 2 weeks either account.
Dealing with peoples credit cards..
Honestly pathetic bioware, and not one official statement when it is OBVIOUS this is a major issue.