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Firstly as a PVP'er I am stoked that 1.6 has a new Warzone, Elite War Hero Gear and also the decision to close the gear gap. (2 of my 3 chars are Full War Hero so not biased!).

I found this article from a little while back and haven't really seen much since regarding Ilum, Open World PVP and Ranked Warzones.

Ilum and Open World PVP:

At this point, what were wanting to do is an event that revitalizes it. Itll have something to do with an alien race crash-landing into it, and were targeting a January timeframe, which is when update 1.1 happened this last January.

In addition to revitalizing the open-world PvP, were also looking at the obvious issues like faction imbalance and things of that nature, though I cant get into the details of our approach right now.

On ranked warzones:

Were making good strides on that. Weve got a lot of exciting developments going on, but Im not allowed to give details at this point. Its something everyone at the studio is really amped about, and we hope to start dropping hints and teasers about that soon.

We want to do more than simply turn on ranked warzones for season one. Were looking into other PvP modes, as well. I cant give exact dates, but its likely that free-to-play will come online slightly before ranked warzones.

Does anyone know anything else and whether its happening in 1.7/ January as previously mentioned as a possibility?