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12.06.2012 , 04:48 AM | #365
I've also been having latency spike problems for a few weeks now.
Customer support is useless as always.

I play on RP server in Europe.

Few things I've noticed over time.
It seems worse when more people are on server. Like if you play early morning when everyone else is at work its fine. If you log in like 7pm its worse.
Things seem to be getting better slowly now that less F2P players are on.

I really do not think the issue is internet/connection related.
Many people in this thread have already posted traces/ping results ect.
But what I did was this:
I opened an infinite ping to the server on my 2nd screen. I live in south africa so it sits at around 175msecs.
So now I can play the game and watch the ping on the other screen.
The ping never does anything wrong. No dropped/timeouts. Never more than say 190msecs.
But the ingame latency can go red anytime. And jump around like crazy.
Sometimes ingame latency will report like 1000msecs++ (even more) and yet the ping is responding perfectly.
Ping packets are ICMP data which is lowest priority, so anything else UDP/TCP should theoretically work better?
But maybe I have something wrong...

Point is I ping server out of game in windows and get ~180msecs consistently.
Ingame I get anything from 170msecs and up to the 1000msecs+ range. And sometimes for multiple seconds its as if communication just shuts down.
This is on the same pc, same router, same internet connection, at exactly the same time.

How do you explain that? Well someday customer support might help me, but I doubt it.
Only reason I can think is that somehow the server is actually not responding to my client as it should.
Or for some reason my client is not actually sending data to the server?

What is however weird is that only some people are affected by this.
When I once said I died because of a lag spike (the server timed out on me for like 10secs in a boss fight) everybody else on the server called me bad things and says it must be my fault. (Clearly its my fault and I'm a ******* that understands nothing... but neither can anyone explain this to me)
So why would everything be fine for most people but not all?

Similarly I also saw people complain about lag at times when everything was fine for me. So I guess it goes both ways.
My theory is perhaps the server gets a bit overloaded on something or other and then at that time only service 99% of its clients?

Anyways the one thing that has been consistent so far in this game have been its completely utterly terrible customer support.