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tank is certainly the leader - first in, last out, pull and hold all agro.
but healer is who dictates a pace.

fast running tanks who don't stop for rest and heal and just jumping from mobs to mobs without paying attention to his healer - *********** idiot

last evening i respec my merc to healer and tried some HM Flashs with PUGs
i know now what healers think about us :-)

i really suck as healer (so i hope not that much) but why for all heaven i always died first?
tank pull all the mob, i try to heal him out and get all the aggro!?
while running DPS i knew that healers always die last...
Thats not what we are talking about the. The tank decides what the dps is going to attack and when they are going to attack for a very good reason. if you have gear imbalance then this becomes crucial.