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You are the tank. One, if not the most, important role in a group! Make use of that.

But don't be a dick tell everybody in your team how you want to play them, just abuse your power as a tank if you see the group performance really being negatively affected.

People tend to do ****, if they see a tank which throws around advices but is hardly any good himself, just because you are a tank, you still have to do your job right or better to give advices to others.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mazikeen View Post
I let them die.
If they risk the rest of the group, I whisper the healer to let them die.
If the healer refuses to listen to me and still heals the idiot, I bail.

I'm old school, and don't take that crap. If I'm tanking, you listen, period. No skipping mobs, no exploits, tank pulls. If you don't like it, leave and roll a tank. The important part of this, though, is as a tank you can never make an unreasonable demand without a logical basis behind it. If you become a tool that demands senseless things just because you're the tank, you're not worth listening to.
I enjoy playing the tank role in MMOs, and I dare say I'm quite good at it. Having said that I heavily disagree with the attitude of "the tank is the most important role in the group therefore he's the one everyone listens to else you risk pissing him off and dealing with finding a new one". If that's the only reason you play a tank, you're playing it for the wrong reasons buddy.

I remember being in a guild raid once a while back. For a little backstory I was originally going to be the main tank for this raid team but I decided to swap to DPS at the last minute because one of our other members decided he liked tanking more and I was having fun being DPS for a change. Anyway...we're joking around between boss pulls, making stupid jokes, no big deal. Well, one of the tanks (who wasn't very good tbh) was getting annoyed at our jokes and eventually says "yeah, it's not a good idea to piss off your tank" acting like he was the most important person there.

I wanted to lay into him so bad and tell him that all roles are equally important and he's no better than anyone else just because he's a tank (he wasn't even the raid leader), and that he should shut his damn mouth, but I held my tongue because it was counter-productive and would have just made the rest of the night awkward.

Anyway, my point is just that: tanking is no more important a role than any other and I don't like it when people act like it is. All 3 roles are like the legs of a tripod and if you kick one of those legs out what happens to the tripod? It falls the **** down...

Good luck staying alive Mr. Tank if you suddenly have no healer to keep your health bar up. Might survive for a while but your demise is imminent.

Good luck killing anything in a reasonable amount of time without any dedicated DPS. I hope nothing you're fighting has any sort of enrage timer or you're screwed, and even if it doesn't you'll probably fall asleep before it's killed.

Good luck keeping the group alive without someone built to take a punch to the face.

You get the picture...all roles are equally important to the success of a group. How hard it is to fill a role or how many (or few) people play classes that perform said role are irrelevant to it's functionality and importance in terms of group mechanics.

On a side note I'm also sick of healers in PvP acting like everyone owes them something. I remember queuing for warzones one night and kept getting put in a team with this healer who, after every match, would tell everyone in the group to "tip your healers" (meaning he wanted MVP votes), as if he thought being a healer in PvP was special or more important than everyone else, or that he was sacrificing his enjoyment by being a healer just so he could feel more special or important, to which I say: if that's the case you're playing a healer for the WRONG REASONS. -.-

Oh boy, that was a good vent.